About Us

We are a GREEN NATION BROTHERHOOD dedicated to our families, work, and community. Each year our Oregon Charters raise money for disadvantaged children through our Annual Burnout at the Bar and Easter Basket Run. Our Nevada charters are dedicated to serving local veterans. Our California Charters feed the homeless, and supply school supplies to underserved children.  We do this because we believe we have a duty to help those in need, especially children. This is not some political, public relations stunt designed to hide nefarious deeds. Rather it is a demonstration of our dedication to help those that find it hard to help themselves. Simply put, it’s about the children.

Some LEO’s might say we are “NO GOOD BIKERS” with attitudes that don’t fit with society. Further, that those who wear colors are criminals of one sort or another. This perception is largely attributed to Hollywood fiction writers who wrote things such as Sons of Anarchy. Most of the folks with negative misperceptions of the Biker community are guilty of watching too much television, and in turn believing the works of fiction.

Despite the fact that we are a mixed race club- some LEO’s still imply that motorcycle clubs are racist organizations. As Freebirds, we believe Brotherhood transcends racial and social barriers- and as such we respect all who show us respect.

So here it is: I challenge you to prove those folks wrong. Come out and support our cause and get to know us. You will find out first-hand what we are about: TO LIVE and RIDE FREE…….While helping those in need.